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Why You Should Buy Handloom Sarees, in Six Reasons.

by Mangesh Shinde
Why You Should Buy Handloom Sarees, in Six Reasons.

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The grace and beauty of the saree are unmatched by anything in the world. It is both something to wear and a fashion statement. An occasion may shine with a saree. Saree would always be a preferred cloth to drape, whether it be for a wedding, ceremonial, or formal workplace meeting. You have a superwoman-like feeling after wearing this. No, not a beautiful superwoman. There are several saree styles that you may choose from to attend meetings at the office or shake a leg at your celebrations. Indians like sarees made on handlooms. They are always cherished, whether they are handwoven sarees from Odisha like Sambalpuri, Tamilnadu’sKanjivaram, or Andhra’s Venkatagiri.

For women, donning a handwoven saree is usually advantageous. Here are a few arguments for choosing handloom sarees over the competition.

Wide Variety of Options:

If you choose handwoven sarees, you will almost always have a tonne of options presented to you. Many people go sari shopping, including Sambalpuri, Maheswari, Banarasi, Bomaki, Kotpad, Venkatgiri, Dolabedi, Kanjivaram, Bandhani, Khandua, and Kantha. These sarees are the ideal option for the bride at weddings because of their diversity. You appear really stunning and well-structured in the pure silk and cotton sarees.


Unlike industrial or machine looms, handloom saree weavers don’t print or create the patterns using chemical dyes. On their textiles and designs, the artists exclusively use natural dyes made from turmeric, flowers, leaves, or other natural colours from flowers. Natural colours are very environmentally friendly and don’t contaminate natural water sources. In this decade or century of environmental issues, choose handloom saris above others.

You understand the value of a handcrafted product, therefore they are manufactured with even more passion. These handwoven sarees are produced by hand with a tonne of extra care and work. The saree is made even more unique by the touch and tenderness of human hands. The sarees seem quite attractive as the fingers weave through the cloth. Handwoven sarees are a labour of love.

Despite your preference for industrial looms over handlooms, a handloom saree will last you for many years. You’ve probably seen the still-beautiful and flawless wedding sarees that your mother or grandmother wore. The handloom sarees will survive for many years if properly cared for. Despite being handcrafted, it also needs additional attention from your hands.

Supporting the Weavers:

 When you purchase a handloom saree, you help these craftsmen support their families. For only one handloom saree online, these artists put in many hours of labour. Additionally, they alter sarees to your preferences. You support the devoted and hardworking weavers by purchasing this handloom saree and giving them a dish of food.

preserving culture and crafts:

As industrial looms become more popular, handwoven saris start to vanish. By purchasing a handwoven saree, you help keep traditional crafts alive by boosting demand. Some handicrafts made with looms have already vanished, while others are being revived and given a market. Traditional craft culture must endure and be practised for future generations.

Now is the time to buy handloom saree from one of the many online or physical retailers to support sustainability, provide workers a living wage, preserve culture, and obtain a saree that will endure for a very long time.

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