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Why Choose Intel vPro Laptops for Small Businesses?

by Judy Watson
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Your business can have all it needs to succeed when you choose the Intel vPro platform. The newest PC technologies have been incorporated into this platform’s integrated architecture as a certified solution to meet both IT requirements and workforce demands. Any size business would find this to be ideal. Features in devices developed on the Intel vPro platform begin to provide value immediately.

These include Wi-Fi 6 and long battery life, as well as the ability to manage remotely. Performance, security, manageability, and stability are the four main computing domains that it is intended to help businesses with.

Additionally, Intel vPro laptops come with security tools like Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) and Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT). This offers hardware-level security to ward off viruses, malware, and other security risks. Additionally, these security capabilities give IT managers the ability to remotely delete or disable a device in the event of loss or theft, safeguarding confidential information and corporate assets.

Here you can get to know why to choose the Intel vPro laptops for small businesses.


With technologies like Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which enable quicker processing and multitasking, Intel vPro laptops are performance-focused. Employees in small businesses can work more productively and do more tasks in less time as a result.

Additionally, workers who perform complex tasks like video editing or spreadsheets with plenty of graphics need a lot of RAM and a strong processor. Therefore, the vPro-powered gadget provides ample space and a storage system for a convenient working environment. The benefit for small and medium-sized businesses is this.

Online Control

IT managers can remotely control, examine, and repair devices using Intel vPro laptops, even if they’re not powered on or have a software issue. Because IT issues can be fixed promptly and effectively, this can help decrease downtime and increase productivity.

Furthermore, remote monitoring and management (RMM) can assist you in controlling devices whether a worker is in the office or out on the road. To lower security risks, you can monitor your endpoints, networks, and PCs more proactively. Additionally, it makes it easier for remote workers and the IT team to communicate with one another and receive quick technical support.

Additional Security

To assist in defending against malware, viruses, and other security threats, Intel vPro laptops are equipped with hardware security features like Intel Trusted Execution Technology and Intel Identity Protection Technology. Small firms that lack the funds to engage in additional security measures should pay particular attention to this.

This also offers improved defenses against assaults on the OS’s lower layers and sophisticated threat detection capabilities for heightened platform security. In order to guard against harmful firmware-level attacks, Intel Hardware Shield helps to decrease the attack surface while offloading routine security tasks to minimize the impact on users and maintain productivity.


Advanced collaboration features like Intel Unite, which enables wireless screen sharing and collaboration across many devices, are included in Intel vPro laptops, making it simpler for small business teams to work together.

As a result, teams require solutions that provide flexibility and speed when they need to interact seamlessly, such as Intel Double Connect technology with ICPS Wi-Fi 6E. For a better Wi-Fi experience, it simultaneously connects over two Wi-Fi bands and prioritizes vital traffic on the faster band. Additionally, thanks to Intel Thunderbolt Technology, workers now have a universal port that enables them to simultaneously charge their laptops and connect displays and other devices. This facilitates small businesses’ tasks and enables them to cooperate with many audiences worldwide.


Future-proof features and functionalities are built into vPro laptops so they can be useful and relevant for many years to come. In a corporate environment that is rapidly changing, this can aid small enterprises in remaining competitive and adaptable.

You can anticipate rapid changes in the applications your employees require to perform their duties as a result of recent advancements in cloud computing and AI. The recommended system requirements of a software provider often only include the absolute necessities. Your laptop’s hardware should be at least 50% more powerful than those requirements to continue operating well. This tool can aid employees in laying the groundwork for small businesses.

Expense Savings 

Although vPro laptops can cost more upfront than other laptops, they can save you money over time by reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and using less energy.

Overall, vPro laptops are an appealing alternative for organizations of all sizes because they can offer small firms greater security, remote administration capabilities, increased productivity, cost savings, and future-proofing advantages.


Small organizations can profit significantly from Intel vPro laptops. They are equipped with cutting-edge security features, remote management tools, and performance enhancements that can help small businesses boost output, save downtime, and save money on energy. In addition, these laptops are made to be expandable and future-proof, making them a wise long-term investment for small firms trying to maintain their competitiveness in a business environment that is evolving quickly.

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