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The Pros and Cons of Buying Foam Cleaner

by Akash Rathi
Foam Cleaner

Foam cleaner is one of the most common tools for car cleaning. It allows coating the car with soap and cleaner. It ensures proper and even coating of the cleaning product on the car. It makes cleaning the car easier.  

Easy Car Washing Techniques with Foam Sprayer

Car washing foam spray wash is one of the best car cleaning techniques. Pour in the foam wash and water in the car and press the trigger so that the mixture comes out of the nozzle. To ensure the car goes through a detailed cleaning process, you need all the necessary tools and accessories, from the cleaning liquid to the mitts.

The car foam sprayer, for example, is the right  tool that helps to clean the car perfectly. It works on the principle of an air compressor and sprays a thick layer of the car washing product on the surface. It is gentle on the car’s surface but deeply cleans the dirt and dust. 

There are many reasons why most car owners and even professional detailers use the foam sprayer. So before buying the product, knowing the pros and cons of the product is vital. 

Pros of Foam Cleaner

1. It Makes Cleaning Dirt a Breezy Process

If you clean the car with a mitten, you know that you might miss the spot once in a while. On the other hand, using a foaming washer does not allow any room for such a blunder. The soap from the gun traps all the dirt and covers it. 

After letting it sit, you can switch the nozzle to spray clean water on the car. Like this, you can wash off the soap. The result is a nice, clean car body. 

2. Fewer Chances of Paint Scratching

Using a scrubbing mitt to wash the cars can leave scratches on the body. Using a mild cleaning solution will not scratch the surface. Avoid applying too much pressure on the car. 

3. Speed 

A foam gun is a great way to clean the car if you are in a hurry. It takes around 30 seconds to remove the layer of soap from the car. You need not carry around two buckets of water. It is easy to carry out and involves no serious elbow grease. Connect the foam gun to the pressure washer to clean the car’s surface. 

4. Environmental-Friendly

The foam cleaner is a much more environmentally conscious method to clean the car. The soap and the water are biodegradable materials that are non-toxic and do not leave any residue. They are safe to use in any environment and space and do not make much of a mess. 

5. Safe Method

It prevents your paintwork from getting ruined since it is a no-contact cleaning. The washer rinses off the dirt and abrasives with soap and water. Your car will stay clean, and you will avoid making abrasives on the surface in this way as you move on to clean the next surface.

Cons of the Foam Washer for Cars

The foam washer has a few drawbacks, just as there are advantages. Let’s look at them so you can avoid them while cleaning the car. 

1. Large Quantity of Soap Goes to Waste

The foam washers use a lot of soap for a single car wash. Most of it trickles down the car surface or ends nowhere near the car when sprayed from the gun. It takes a lot of time to wash off the soap as well. 

This process tends to waste soap and water. Also, using an old foam cleaner covered in scratches and marks may not produce good results. Since it is a machine, it tends to malfunction. If it does, then you need to buy it again. There is no repair or part replacement. 

Sometimes using the foam cleaner is pouring huge amounts of soap down the drain for no reason. It adds an extra cost to the car care list. A single soap bottle will empty fast if you pour the soap into the cleaner for every wash.

2. Extra Investment in Pressure Washer

With the cleaner, you need not buy a pressure washer. The cleaner has a nozzle that allows you to regulate the speed with which the water will come out. You can regulate the speed to ensure the water speed is good enough to spray the cleaner on the surface evenly. It also helps to clean off the cleaner from the surface as well. 

3. No Water Beading 

The pressure of the water also does not allow any water beading. It cleans off the dirt and the grease from the car’s surface, restoring cleanliness and shine. 

End Note

The foam cleaner from Carorbis.com is compatible with all kinds of car cleaning soap. Please choose the best soap that is gentle on the surface yet deep cleans the dirt off it. Using 2-3 pumps of the cleaner is more than enough for a single wash. It is best to carry out the cleaning process as per a regular schedule. It helps to elongate the shelf life of the car and keep it looking brand new.

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