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The Definitive Guide to Vehicle Covers

by Akash Rathi
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If you are a car owner, you must realise that car maintenance is not an option but necessary. This approach can essentially help you to keep your car in good form. Defective vehicles don’t only give off an unattractive appearance. They could also potentially carry a bunch of mechanical issues. Therefore, you must concentrate on maintaining your car with decent vehicle covers.

More and more people choose vehicle covers to shield them from debris, dust, and scratches. You can rely on the best car cover for sun and heat in India to protect your car extensively without detracting from its shiny appearance. Additionally, these kinds of car accessories are a must if you live in a region where severe weather frequently occurs.

If you are a first-timer, you will find identifying the ideal vehicle cover challenging. This guide can assist you in determining the best vehicle cover.

Prioritise Your Needs before Purchasing

You must have a detailed understanding of your car protection. You must invest in a vehicle cover if your car is outside. This will help you to safeguard the vehicle against a variety of hazards. Although vehicle covers are appropriate car accessories for exterior protection, they contribute significantly if you keep the vehicle indoors.

You just cannot beat nature. However, picking the ideal outdoor vehicle covers can allow you to shield your vehicle from external components. The list of outside influences that can harm your car’s exterior is available below.

1. Bird Bombs

Your vehicle deserves maximum protection against these catastrophic problems. This is because both bird bombs and tree saps can effectively affect your car paint. Therefore, you must not allow those to settle on the car body for too long. Doing so will make it difficult for you to remove without much effort and chemicals.

2. Pollen and Dust

Both of these can directly impact your efforts to protect your car. Consequently, you must invest in indoor vehicle covers. They can effectively provide you with the best protection against dust and pollen. Your car can turn yellow if you keep the vehicle inside a garage throughout spring- all because of pollens. 

3. Industrial Reaction

By industrial reaction, the experts mean acid rain, rail dust, jet fuel particles, etc. These will settle on your car body paint and gradually erode your clearcoat.

4. Tree Stems and Cat Claws

People who are into gardening or lawn mowing already know that a tree produces a high volume of little limbs, sticks, nuts, etc. Alternatively, you’ll also be familiar with cats and their tendency to walk or jump with extended claws. It would be best if you made a point to have a car cover to shield your vehicle against these assaults.

5. UV Radiation from The Sun

UV radiation can effectively damage your paint and your vehicle’s interior. While the vehicle glass and clear coat both feature a fair amount of UV filtering built in, some nevertheless pass through. This eventually causes deterioration in the components beneath. 

The clearcoat can essentially prevent the UV from fading the pigment underlying your paint. You must get a vehicle cover to keep your car in brilliant condition and maintain the clearcoat.

6. Theft

Simply put, a vehicle cover can protect your possessions inside the car from theft. You may ideally consider carrying mundane and minimal possessions in your vehicle to prevent theft. Implementing all possible security levels would be best to make breaking into your car more difficult or time-consuming.

According to experts, most robbers seek out quick gains. Therefore, a vehicle cover lengthens a burglar’s time in the open before taking your belongings. Vehicle covers also keep your possessions out of sight and out of mind for passers-by. 

Furthermore, industry-standard vehicle covers also feature a lock. This can prolong the process of taking the cover off and stealing.

7. Decreases Car Washing Frequency and Detailing Service Costs

Using vehicle covers can allow you to reduce the frequency of car washing. Moreover, it will also contribute to lowering your car wash supplies expense. You can essentially cut down the cost of repairs and restoration if you do your part to prevent damage to your car’s surfaces.

You can cover the vehicle cover cost with savings after a sufficiently extended period. This length of time will largely depend on several variables.


When exploring options online, it would be best to consider vehicle covers that correctly matches your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Custom ones are even better if you require a cover that fits you perfectly. Before washing, it’s vital to research the manufacturer’s website because some covers even call for dry cleaning exclusively. Additionally, you can consult the Carorbis website for assistance in choosing the best vehicle cover.

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