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How to Check and Interpret Your IGNOU Grade Card Online

by remi rose1442
IGNOU Grade Card

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), renowned for its distance learning programs, serves a diverse student population spread across India and beyond. One essential aspect that often puzzles students is understanding their IGNOU Grade Card, a critical component in their educational journey, showcasing their academic performance. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to check and interpret your IGNOU Grade Card online.

Checking Your IGNOU Grade Card Online

In the digital era, universities like IGNOU have simplified processes, including online access to grade cards. Follow these steps to check your grade card:

  1. Visit the Official IGNOU Website: Open a web browser and navigate to the official IGNOU website at https://ignouproject.net/ignou-grade-card/ This site is the primary source for all information related to courses, student services, and academic records.
  2. Access the Student Portal: Upon landing on the homepage, locate and click on the “Student Support” link, followed by “Student Zone.” This section dedicates services for enrolled candidates, offering links to various student-centric facilities.
  3. Find the Grade Card Section: Within the “Student Zone,” navigate to the “Results” section, and you’ll find a link titled “Grade Card.” The grade card option is distinctly provided for different academic programs, including BCA/MCA/MP/MPB, and for others like BDP/BA/B.COM/B.Sc./ASSO Programs.
  4. Select Your Course: Click on the relevant category that pertains to your specific program. It’s essential to choose the correct course to view the appropriate grade card.
  5. Enter Your Details: The system will prompt you to input your nine-digit enrollment number in the provided field. Ensure the accuracy of the number to retrieve the correct grade card.
  6. View Your Grade Card: Upon submitting your enrollment number, your IGNOU grade card will appear on the screen. It’s recommended to check all the details, including your name, course code, marks, and grades, for accuracy.
  7. Download and Print: For record-keeping or submission purposes, you can download a PDF version of your grade card. Additionally, it’s prudent to take a printout for situations requiring a hard copy.

Now that you’ve accessed your grade card status, the next pivotal aspect is deciphering the information it holds.

Interpreting Your IGNOU Grade Card

Understanding your grade card is crucial in monitoring your academic progress. Here’s how to interpret the different components:

  1. Assignment Marks: IGNOU’s evaluation system includes tutor-marked assignments. Each subject requires an assignment, and the aggregate marks contribute to your final score. Ensure you’ve submitted assignments for all listed courses and received satisfactory marks.
  2. Theory Marks: These columns show your performance in end-term examinations. They reflect your understanding of the course material and success in conveying that in the exam setting. Compare these marks with the passing criteria to determine your standing.
  3. Practical Marks (if applicable): For courses involving practical elements, this section reflects your hands-on skills. Not all courses have this component, so some students might see a blank segment.
  4. Course Code: Each course you’re enrolled in is listed by its unique code. Ensure these codes accurately reflect your registered courses for the semester or year.
  5. Status (Completed/Not-Completed): Perhaps the most crucial part is the status column. Here, “Completed” indicates passing grades in both assignments and theory (and practicals, if applicable), while “Not-Completed” suggests otherwise.
  6. Grade Point Average (GPA): Some programs might include a GPA based on your scores. Understand the scale (often 1 to 4 or 1 to 10) and where your GPA stands in this range.
  7. Term-End Exam Date: Knowing the exam date helps correlate with the published results, ensuring they belong to the correct assessment period.

Understanding the Grading System

IGNOU employs a specific grading system. Familiarity with this helps interpret your grade card effectively:

  • A: Excellent (Above 80%)
  • B: Very Good (60-79%)
  • C: Good (50-59%)
  • D: Satisfactory (40-49%)
  • E: Unsatisfactory (Below 40%)

In the context of this grading system, securing a grade from ‘A’ to ‘D’ is considered passing, whereas an ‘E’ necessitates re-taking exams or re-submission of assignments.


Navigating your educational path at IGNOU requires comprehension of your academic performance, centrally reflected in your grade card. By understanding how to access and interpret this crucial document, you stay abreast of your academic standing, enabling proactive measures if necessary. Remember, consistent check-ins on your grade card fosters an informed, prepared, and responsible approach to your distance learning journey at IGNOU.

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