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Health and Safety Have the Highest Priority for Bayer

by lara pakar

We are committed to the safety and health of all those who employ us. We’ve laid out the specifics of our commitment to this in our report on the sustainability of 2022.

The responsibility for directing and evaluating health, safety and environment security (HSE) aspects throughout the Group is with the Public Affairs Science, Sustainability, and Health, Safety and Environment Enabling Function (PASS&HSE) and is ascribed to the chairman of the Board of Management, who is also Bayer’s Chief Sustainability Officer. This Public Affairs, Science, Sustainability & HSE Enabling Function sets out the responsibilities, targets, and important performance indicators, and guidelines for the whole Group. These include the requirements in the Group Regulation on HSE Management and HSE Key Requirements which form an integral component of the worldwide HSE management system. It was approved by the Board of Management level in.

Health Provision for Employees

“Health for all” is an essential part of our corporate vision which is the reason why we place our workers’ health at highest importance to us. We have created employee health insurance programs that provide access to affordable and high-quality health care.

Then, in 2022 we went on to:

To help promote our global employee framework, BeWell@Bayer, to promote the health and well-being that our workers enjoy. It consists of five elements which include Occupational Health & Security and working conditions. Health mindful behaviour, Health Cover and Healthy leadership.

Our main focus is on mental health is our primary concern. With our worldwide House of Health community, we provide training for managers and employees to share their personal stories and to discuss openly what they’re feeling.

Our occupational health and safety management practices that are numerous and diverse and include the practice of good ergonomics as well as stress management, keeping healthy, and a balanced diet.

Occupational Health and Safety

The protection of the health and security of our employees and contractors requires:

Preventing occupational accidents and illness

assessing potential hazards

Achieving a comprehensive risk management

creating a healthy work environment

The Bayer staff and its contractors undergo intensive training to prevent the occurrence of safety and accident incidents as well as the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles. More than 58,000 Bayer employees completed the health and safety course in 2022. We also encourage safety-conscious behavior to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

In 2021 we will launch an integrated data collection platform to support comprehensive accident and safety management. It allows websites to share information about accident analysis electronically and to determine corrective measures quicker. The platform facilitates workers’ health and safety professionals to share information on occupational injuries and illnesses.

Safety and health measures for employees include:

House of Health community – go/health

Annual Health & Safety Day

Global HSE Newsletter

Assessment of risk and preventive measures

Workplaces in our area are subject to complete health-related risk assessment as well as a risk analysis conducted carried out by Bayer experts. They also consider the possibility of workers’ exposure to chemical. Our employees as well as contractors are encouraged to immediately inform us of workplace hazards or other dangerous situations.

Mental health

We have once again put a an importance on mental health in 2022. We are continuing to work to eliminate stigmas that surround mental health. We have established:

An intranet platform central to the “House of Health,” that provides a variety of information and educational services to tackle concerns like mental health and healthy living.

More than 180 Health Champions are trained. Internal Health Champions and the establishment of an international Health Champions Community

More than 600 classes, lectures and podcasts about maintaining a healthy mental state, designed for various target groups

Training for management staff on mental health and well-being.

Employee Assistance Programs offered online and in-person to family members and employees focused on psychosocial support provided by experts. We currently offer EAPs to over 95 percent of our employees and their families until 2022’s end in comparison to 78% in the beginning of 2021.

Work-related injuries and occupational illnesses

our Recordable Incident Ratio (RIR) that is the rate at which the entirety of occupational injuries and illnesses that affect Bayer employees as well as contractors working who are under direct oversight of Bayer which require medical treatment that goes above the basics of first aid the rate was 0.37 incidents per every 200,000 hours of work which is the equivalent of 413 occupational accidents worldwide (2021 443).

Recordable injuries that resulted in lost workdays made up 204 out of the total 413 occupational injuries, which means that the parameter in question is that is the Lost Time Recordable Incident Rate (LTRIR) has improved between 0.22 from 2021 until 0.18 in 2022.


We believe that biosafety encompasses the concepts, techniques and methods used to stop accidental exposure to biological substances which could pose a threat to the environment or people and also the theft or misuse of biological substances.

We employ a computer to record our activities in a systematic manner. Personnel who are responsible for biosafety have the required expertise. Procedures for conducting tests and other steps are laid out in the Group Regulation on Biosafety that is based on the guidelines of the WHO and other organizations.

If local laws and regulations are more stringent than those stipulated by the Group regulation The more stringent version is the one to be followed.

A team of experts in biosafety from different regions and divisions work together within the Bayer Biosafety Panel. It is accountable for the development the Bayer’s biosafety regulations throughout the Group. It also assists and advises the biosafety industry, and it communicates regularly to ensure a consistent and high level of biosafety across the entire company.

The application of legal guidelines and Bayer Group guidelines on biosafety is also monitored through The HSE auditor program.

Plant Safety

We want to design and manage our processes and manufacturing facilities in as to not create any unnecessary risks to our workers and the environment, as well as our neighbors.

We are constantly working to enhance the safety mindset of our employees, our expertise of our employees as well as the Group rules regarding safety in the plant and process that also cover other topics like laboratory and machine safety.

The regulations of our Group define the same procedures and standards for risk assessment as well as the corresponding security measures. We carry out the required training. We ensure that a consistent security level is maintained across the 40 Bayer sites, where huge quantities of dangerous substances that are important for plant safety are stored and processed, and go above the legal requirements of most countries.

As per the Group Regulation on Process and Plant Safety The complete safety framework for a plant or plant includes the following components:

An operating concept

A safety-related concept (to stop accidents)

Damage mitigation concepts

We have utilized the global common key performance indicator (KPI) Process Safety Incident Rate (PSI-R) as an indicator of plant safety. In 2022, the PSI-R was 0.11 (2021: 0.08). In total, 122 incidents involving process safety occurred between 2021 and the year 2022 (Process Safety Incident Count, PSI-C). Additionally, we provide the Process Safety Incident Severity Ratio (PSI-SR). We do this in accordance with the system of grading used by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).

Transportation and Storage Safety

Logistics at Bayer is not just the logistics of transportation and storage of items but also the directing and monitoring of the flow of goods and logistics information to Bayer Group. Bayer Group. As part in Bayer’s HSE management system, storage and transportation security is monitored using an auditing system based on risk. This is also part of our policies for collaboration with service providers.

Our logistics procedures assure that materials are handled, transported, and stored in accordance with the applicable regulations and the materials’ risk potential. This includes selecting appropriate warehouse and logistics suppliers. The standards that underlie them are not only internal Bayer guidelines like those of the Global Transport Requirements but also the regulations of the international crop protection organization CropLife International as well as CropLife International’s European Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use.

Emergency, Security and Crisis Management

We provide the safety of our employees and provide an environment in which our employees can work in a safe and with no fear, whether at work working in production, or on international business trips. Through the Group’s rules, Bayer has taken action on a local and global scale to prepare the company for events that are extraordinary (e.g. major destruction events or criminal acts) and to evaluate and deal with them according to standard guidelines. Bayer’s crisis management program ensures that the right organizational and procedural frameworks have been established to prevent or mitigate a crisis, or to return normal business operations as swiftly as is possible following an incident has occurred.

In February 2022 in February 2022, a Corporate Crisis Team supported by special task forces was established to address the negative impact on Bayer due to the conflict which had begun in Ukraine. The goal is to make sure that everyone Bayer workers and families were looked after, regardless whether they remained living in Ukraine or were required to flee the country.

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