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Fresno Amusement Park: How new Management is reviving Fresno’s Playland? 

by lara pakar

The lifts at Playland have stayed still and quiet for times, but now the Fresno Amusement Park is getting ready tore-open for the first time since the epidemic. ” It would be a commodity to take the kiddies to do, on the weekends or any other time that they’re open- it hasn’t been anything for a veritably long time just fun to kind of get them out there and do stuff in the community that is not far from home,” Hernandez said. 

The legacy of Playland

Playland firstly opened in 1955 and was a precursor to Anaheim’s Disneyland. It vended 14,000 lift tickets on its first day alone, and along with its family demesne Storyland( and the Fresno Chaffee Zoo) established Roeding Park as an entertainment destination in Fresno. But the demesne fell on hard times as Fresno grew and entertainment options changed and the state began obligatory examinations of recreation lifts. By 2000, the demesne was down to just two rides.While Storyland was suitable to to renew, Playland proved to be more delicate, says Bruce Batti, board president of the nonprofit Storyland/ Playland, which oversees the operation of the two premises . 


Playland was opened in 1955, six weeks before Disneyland in Anaheim. Original Rotary Clubs, acting upon an offer byDr. Joe Logan, also- chairman of the North Fresno Rotary, teamed up to raise plutocrats and make the demesne. That first day, 14,000 lift tickets were vended, at 10 cents each, and the construction debt was repaid within three years.Playland was much lower in compass and size than Disneyland, still, and because it offered a cheaper volition, it was able of drawing in below 250,000 guests in its debut season.


After times of decline, Playland and Storyland didn’t open for its 2015 season. It was blazoned by Daniel Leith, a Playland and Storyland board member, who stated that they would remain unrestricted until they had gathered enough finances to repair tree- damaged sidewalks and irrigation systems, to ameliorate geography, lodestones and bathrooms, and cover operations costs at a time when attendance was lagging.Still, while the Zoo was under addition and expansion through finances from Measure Z, the pot would not have been allowed to use any of those finances to help the neighbouring premises . 

Great America Theme Park 

Cedar Fair, possessors of Great America Theme Demesne have lately vended the property rights for Great America. They’ve until 2030 to dislocate the lodestones from the demesne. The vale See’s over 4 million excursionists visiting milestones like Yosemite, our original wineries, and public timbers, and beautiful strands all within an hour from Fresno. Excursionists have to travel over 6 hours to southern California for theme premises . The Heart of California will be a multi themed recreation demesne showcasing the knockouts of California. Within reach of Interstate 5, trace 99, and plans to have direct access to the High Speed Rail. 

Fresno Amusement Parks 

Accommodations are underway for a Six Flags recreation demesne to come to Fresno County despite hot denial from City of Vallejo officers. Sources confirm that addresses have begun with the recreation demesne about the possibility of locating the sightseer magnet to the area. Six Flags Marketing director Marc Merino said it isn’t their policy to note rumours. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo features both comber coasters and beast exhibits. It’s also the megacity’s second largest employer previous to the epidemic, according to the “ Vallejo Times- Herald. 

Fresno Country

We’ve got a commodity to offer everyone from thrilling out-of-door adventures and affordable family-friendly conditioning to the heartland of ranch- to- chopstick dining and unique shopping and entertainment. Whether you ’re then with family and musketeers or out on a solo trip, when you stay in Fresno and Clovis, you really can witness it all. 


They’ve responded with a lack of interest in the design at this time. We hope this solicitation will show them the public interest in the design and hopefully they will review the design, or other investors will join our design.

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