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Discover the ethnic wearing art and how to rock Indian clothing.

by Mangesh Shinde
Discover the ethnic wearing art and how to rock Indian clothing.

We’ll give you the tea; as you can see, learning to wear Indian clothing properly takes some time and work. The term “Indian wear” refers to clothing that is heavily layered with extremely fashionable items and style statements. Because the options available are unmatched, each piece of Indian wear embodies the utmost beauty, sophistication, comfort, and luxury of authentic Indianness and glamour. A authentic Indian piece of clothing is distinctive in this way.
Thus it is established that Indian wear is the master of masters and that defeating Indian wear is no easy task. However, thanks to swarajshop, it is.

Let’s learn how to wear Indian clothing with style every day by practising the following:

1. Strike a balance between routine and special-occasion attire

Ladies, you need to clearly distinguish between the clothes you wear on a daily basis and the clothes you wear for special events like birthdays, parties, and even puja holidays (of course, we’re Indian). It’s not acceptable to wear your usual daily attire to a shaadi or to dress casually for a wedding.

We make this statement because many people who truly start incorporating Indian clothing into their daily life find inspiration on Instagram and begin using it far more frequently than they should. Otherwise, folks just drastically underdo Indian fashion and show up to a big event wearing whatever they can find. Strike a balance so that those around you may see that you are knowledgeable about Indian clothing. You may find an Indian outfit for any occasion with swarajshop’s fashion.

2. Acquire knowledge about how to wear each item of Indian dress by studying it in depth.

Like I said, there are many options for Indian clothing, which makes it confusing for beginners. In addition, there are numerous options even within the selection of a single outfit. A saree can be worn in a variety of ways and comes in many different materials, including silk, cotton, rayon, and prints that can be digitised, embroidered, hand-painted, hand-woven, etc. In addition, there are various drapery styles and colour combinations within a single saree.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you understand which saree is appropriate for which task and have a clear idea of the appearance you want to achieve. Basic research is also required to understand that Indian women cannot wear a heavy Indian silk saree in the

3. Recognise that the right accessories can make all the difference.

If you like Indian clothing, you must never wear a look without the appropriate accessories. When it comes to Indian fashion, accessories have the power to make or ruin an outfit. There are countless possibilities for accessories in Indian markets, and you can also get some amazing discounts. When it comes to accessories, Indian design embraces everything from hefty to minimal to gorgeous or aesthetic. Choose the proper jewellery to complement your hefty lehenga, the ideal handbag for your saree, the cutest, most understated jhumka for your go-to kurti style, and small pendants and ear studs to slay Indo-Western looks.

The wide women’s jewellery online and handbag collection from swarajshop is elegantly crafted to bring out the best in you as an Indian lady, and it includes selections that range from lavish to minimal, cute to scorching.


Every woman in India has the right to access beautiful and elegant Indian attire exclusively given by swarajshop, as well as inexpensive, ethically produced, and high-quality clothing. Through our dedication to design and Indian clothes, as well as the selection of high-quality accessories we offer to our consumers, we have tailored our representation of India to the greatest rendition we could. Additionally, delivery within India is still free. It was our goal to use swarajshop to assist you kill Indian wear on a daily basis. We intend to continue to serve you with passion.

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