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Discover Sev Variations with Sev Making Machine

by Arthur
Sev Making Machine

A salty bite of besan (chickpea or chickpea flour). It is usually done during Diwali (an Indian festival) to combine recipes with extra chives. It can be used in many conversational recipes. Sev is like thin, thick chickpea noodles.

And if you need to know what to eat tonight, you can also make curry. Or if you’re a little hungry, you can eat like this. Moreover, you can find it all over India. But if you want gourmet food, go to Madhya Pradesh. Bananas are delicious here. And people come here from far and wide just to be saved.

You can make different varieties with the help of Sev Making Machine. So here are some delicious recipes that you can make at home. These noodles are cooked directly in hot oil and cooked till tender.  

The Thickness Of Sev:

The sev manufacturer usually has three different disks of different sizes and thicknesses.

Excellent Thin Sev or Jean Saw: Also known as nylon saw. It is often used in conversation recipes like sev puri and raga patata. Use the same procedure for disks with small holes.  

Medium thickness: Same for this recipe. This fact is usually used for cooking chivda or some other mixture for Diwali Namkin.

Thick Sev: Eat as a snack or with tea or coffee.

Aloo Bhujia Sev

Aloo Bhujia Sev is a delicious Sev. People love to eat these snacks. This delightful apple is delicious with tea. Gram flour is added with many potatoes and spices to make this banana more crunchy and delicious.

People rarely want to save money at home by Sev Making Machine. But like nylon, this sev is very easy to make. Since we are using potatoes here, we must be careful while cooking them. But if you do it 2-3 times, you can do it quickly.  

Rajgira Sev  

During fasting, we often think about what to cook. There are many healthy food options during fasting. And we get tired of eating again and again. So we came up with a safe recipe that you can eat while fasting. And his name is Rajira Seva.

Rajira was taken on an empty stomach. While many of Rajira’s dishes can be eaten on an empty stomach, sometimes you feel pretty hungry in the afternoon after drinking this thirst quencher.

This backup is effortless to do. And it’s delicious when eating. Make it yourself, and you can eat it for days.  

Masala Sev 

This sev is similar to nylon sev, thicker and less sweet. Then you can eat a snack like this. You can eat it with breakfast dishes like poha, upma, and others. Eating this apple in the morning increases the taste.

The masala can be tasted in many ways and by adding many spices. But now we make apple juice and use fenugreek, black pepper, and celery as spices. When these ingredients are added to bananas, the taste of bananas is revealed.

Lemon Sev 

Lemon Sev is a popular Indian snack known for its thick texture and crisp taste. A kind of coconut, an Indian snack made from gram flour (besan). Lemon sev gets its unique flavor from a combination of lemon juice and aromatic herbs. This dessert is perfect with tea or as an aperitif before a party.

This article discusses the history, ingredients, preparation, flavors, and ingredients of lemon seva and some related snacks like lemon Abuja, lemon napkin, and lemon pudding. 

Cheese Garlic Sev | Cheese Namkeen | Cheese Sev

Cheese Have the perfect combination of garlic, cheese, and magical Italian herbs and spices! This delicious juice will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Our Cheese and Garlic Dip is made with a combination of cheese and garlic, making it a truly unique experience. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a dessert or to finish off a meal. Our cheese and garlic sauce are a must for any cheese.

Tomato Sev  

The perfect napkin, marinated in Rajasthani herbs and the finest spices, carries creamy and flavourful tomato seeds. Tomato Save is a delicious and hearty snack and the ideal accompaniment to tea and coffee or as a snack.

The unique blend of flavors sets it apart from the crowd. Enjoy delicious tomato sauces and an exceptional taste. Thanks to the perfect balance of spices and herbs, Tomato Save will surely tickle your taste buds. Try it now and make the tea and coffee season memorable.


Sev is very popular in India. And people love to eat. That’s why we offer you a range of savings options. Sev is used for many purposes in India. Sev Making Machine can be very helpful in making sev varieties at home.

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