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Best Resources for Students to Excel in Economics Studies

by kevin rob

Economics is more than just a subject for students since it has a great influence on our lives. It helps us understand how our society works, what inflation and unemployment are, and how demand and supply put an impact on price. If you want to excel in economics studies, you must have a strong understanding of this subject. For this, you can explore various resources, consult with your professors, and participate in discussions. Here we have provided the best resources, such as free economics textbooks and websites for online learning to increase your knowledge and become a top student in economics. Check them out and get a head start.

Best Resources for Economics

If you want to succeed in a subject, never limit yourself to textbooks alone. There are various other resources available that can enhance your knowledge and provide you with worth-reading material. This article helps you find these resources as well as free economics textbooks. So, read up on economics resources!

#1. Business and Economics Blogs 

Look for websites and blogs that write about economics and related topics. You can find here the latest developments and stay updated about current economics topics. Some of the notable blogs you can explore include The Conversion, the National Institute of Economics and Social Research, and the Adam Smith Institute. If you want to stay updated about business and economic news, these websites can provide you with the needed material. You can also use them for research and to prepare for your exams. 

#2. Newspapers

Newspapers are a great source of information especially for business students. To stay informed about the current economic news, read newspapers habitually. A few useful newspapers for economics students are The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times.

#3. Free Economics Textbooks

Textbooks are the foremost resource for learning. You cannot expect to perform outstandingly in your academics without investing in good books. However, if you have limited financial resources, you can get advantage of the free economics textbooks easily available nowadays. 

For free economics textbooks in printed form, visit SolutionInn. For open textbooks and digital books, there are various reliable resources such as Open Textbook Library and Project Gutenberg. You can also explore resources for used, discounted, or rental textbooks. Here are some of the free economics textbooks for college students that are worth reading. 

Principles of Economics

N. Gregory Mankiw’s Principles of Economics is one of the most popular textbooks for business students. It helps to clarify various concepts of economics including microeconomics and macroeconomics. 


Paul Krugman and Robin Wells’s Macroeconomics is another excellent read for students looking for free economics textbooks. This textbook can help you learn macroeconomic theories in an engaging style and with graphical representation.


Robert Pindyck and Daniel Rubinfeld’s Microeconomics is another worth-reading textbook for economics students. It helps you understand microeconomic concepts including supply and demand, consumer behavior, and more. 


Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus’s Economics is a classic textbook that professors recommend to business students. The textbook covers a wide range of topics including microeconomics and macroeconomics. 

The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

Frederic Mishkin’s textbook focuses on the study of money, banking, and financial markets. Students can learn about interest rates, central banking, monetary policy, and various financial aspects of the economy.

International Economics

Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld’s International Economics is an excellent read for students who want to learn about the global economy and international trade. The textbook covers various topics including exchange rates, international financial markets, and trade policies. 

#4. Videos

It is no secret that visuals are more effective than text. Videos are a fun way to get and retain information on economics. For the visual explanation of various economic concepts, the videos of The Marginal Revolution University are a great option. Their videos help students understand economics and the world around them. You can also find economics tutorial videos on YouTube to better understand stubborn economic concepts.     

#5. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great resource to get economic information. Some of the best podcasts about economics are Freakonomics and Editors Picks from The Economist. Through these podcasts, students can listen and get insights from entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates, and intellectuals. 

#6. Films 

Sometimes, films can be an amazing source of learning. Where textbooks or other resources fail, movies can genuinely play a significant role in clarifying concepts and understanding matters. If economics, finance, investment, or similar topics seem boring, you must watch Wolf of Wall Street. It would not only clear your concepts but will also help to retain the information. Some other movies that business students must watch include Moneyball, The Big Short, Wall Street, and A Beautiful Mind.

Hope this article would help you explore the best resources for learning economics in an engaging style.

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