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8 Functionalities of Chromebook That Support Gaming

by Judy Watson

Gamers usually know that a good gaming experience requires fast, responsive hardware and the right software to play powerful games. Whether you want to play games such as first-person shooters, multiplayer online battles, or role-playing games, a Chromebook is basically an ideal choice.

With gaming Chromebooks, you get portability, affordability, and compact gaming. These benefits help you in making a difference from other gamers. The latest Chromebook models get powered with intel-core processors, advanced graphics, an external gaming controller, and a lot more. Besides this, there is a range of functionalities important to look at.

AMD or Intel Processor:

Intel processors are better for graphics cards, but AMD processors provide a pleasurable gaming experience. These processors have been present in the tech industry for more than 30 years and have proven reliable in making both gaming and graphics better.

AMD processors are the ideal choice for making room for productivity tasks such as video editing, graphic designing, transcoding, and so on. These processors can let you play heavy-truck games but are not able to provide great graphics.

Graphics Card:

The best gaming Chromebooks also include the functionality of high-performing graphics cards. Graphics cards can smoothly boost gaming performance by offering crystal-clear visuals.

The graphics card lets the processor keep an eye on everything else while you play multiplayer games. VRAM is the GPUs’ own memory, which stands for video RAM. Simply put, graphics cards boost gaming performance, along with having a decent CPU.

Full HD Display:

A full HD display is another important feature that increases the resolution of gaming laptops. This provides sharp visuals and a crystal-clear viewing experience.

Typically the classic game resolution gets considered at the mark of 1080P. With this mark, you get a clear, concise, as well as immersive visual experience. Besides this, you get the ultimate gaming performance, which puts an easy load on the graphics cards.

Long Battery Life:

Many gamers appreciate the fact that Chromebook gaming devices offer great battery life compared to other types of PCs. This basically helps you in playing more without getting to think about discharging the battery and other complications.

Chromebooks are also handy devices, and with their additional battery power functionalities, they let you play on the go.

Fast Startup:

Chromebooks are also known for their fast start-up times, which offer an additional advantage to gamers. With faster startups, you can easily play with more speed.

Security Considerations:

Chromebooks have in-built features that offer malware protection. In comparison to a typical laptop, Chromebooks have automatic OS updates. With automatic updates of the operating system, these models remain up-to-date with the latest technology.

To keep your data intact Chromebook encrypts multiple types of files, downloads, cookies, and cache files with the help of tamper-resistant hardware. This ensures the best security standards.

Simple and Sleek:

Simplicity is also a great advantage of Chromebook laptops. On these devices, you can smoothly access cloud gaming platforms. Cloud gaming Chromebooks are specially designed for taking your gaming experience to the next level. These devices also have special features such as an anti-ghosting keyboard and RGB backlighting.


Compatibility is also a great feature of Chromebook devices. In these models, you are just not limited to the Google Play Store apps. Besides this, you can access all apps integrated with Android and Linux. Android apps smoothly work with Chromebooks, but some of their functions might differ.


No doubt, there are multiple functionalities in Chromebook for kids such as advanced processors, full HD display, compatibility, simple and sleek design, graphics card, long-battery life and so on. With these core functionalities, you can easily play smoothly.

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