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6 Fascinating Facts About Custom Printed Boxes

by remi rose1442
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Custom Printed Boxes help businesses reach out to their target customers, attract them, and encourage their purchase behavior. There are multiple benefits of custom packaging boxes in every e-commerce and retail brand.

People are mostly attracted to products that are branded with appealing packaging. Because packaging reflects the product’s quality and worthiness. Moreover, Packaging doesn’t mean a simple box that packs the product. These old traditional ways of packaging are no longer profitable. These days people are more conscious and aware of product selection. The first impression is the product packaging which should appeal enough to catch the customer’s eye.

In this article, we will explore how custom-printed packaging boxes are worthwhile for established brands or small sector firms. Moreover, we will learn the top 6 interesting facts about Custom-Printed Boxes.

Eco-friendly nature of Custom-Printed Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are the right option for you if you want to print your customized packaging boxes for marketing and branding purposes. These cardboard and Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and non-toxic and don’t harm the atmosphere.

However, the printing quality of kraft paper boxes is lower than custom-printed cardboard boxes. They are recyclable and reusable for any purpose, enjoying sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Attractive Customization Options

You can customize your printed boxes according to your custom design ideas, packaging choices, product nature, and brand requirements. Custom print boxes are easily customizable from the inside as well as the outside.

Moreover, you can choose any packaging design, style, and color scheme, whichever you like but according to the product’s nature. It is essential to mention that while printing your custom boxes, you must consider your target audience’s age, region, gender, and priorities so that you can create printed packaging that can inspire consumer buying behavior.

Ensures Product Integrity

Product safety is a leading concern for every manufacturer and customer. To ensure product integrity, you can enclose an insert inside your Custom Retail Boxes to guarantee product integrity. Inserts are the nicest yet most protective padding element in your packaging.

Make sure you design these inserts according to the packaging and product dimensions. As a result, they will help in securely holding your products. In addition, it will minimize the product movement and it will not slip out of the box.

Enhances Brand Marketing

One of the most trending types of printed packaging is custom display boxes. These custom display boxes enhance product visibility before opening the package. Customers can see the product from outside the packaging. These boxes are usually in the form of window-die cuts, or retail style, that increase the product’s appearance on the shelves.

Reliable Printing Options

If you want to choose custom printing techniques that are reliable and effective, then you have some options to choose from the variety of printing techniques depending on your needs. Here are some printing techniques you can choose from for your custom box printing:

Flexographic Printing:

Flexographic printing is an easy and simple printing method for printing customized boxes. This is a suitable option for simple box printing without the use of rich graphics and illustrations. It is more affordable than other printing techniques.

Digital / Inkjet Printing:

The digital printing method is growing rapidly worldwide due to its effective results. Digital printing is an ideal option for custom packaging for small-sector firms that need printed boxes in limited quantities.

You can print your custom product boxes even in your offices and homes with a printer with a cartridge. Moreover, it is cost-effective and provides efficient results. In this type of printing, you can print boxes with full-color variations, and design styles with a faster printing process. 

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is also known as litho-offset printing. The offset printing method provides high-resolution printed graphics. It uses the CMYK color scheme, which is the perfect option for custom-printed boxes.

Offers a Variety of Styles

A variety of styles are available; manufacturers can customize their packaging boxes according to their product nature. For example; custom retail boxes are commonly used for displaying products such as candies, chocolates, grocery items, etc. Custom corrugated boxes are used to package large numbers of products or to ship them securely.

Wrap up

In this article, we have discussed the most important facts about custom-printed boxes that can make your brand successful in the market. It also increases your sales margin in a short time. If you want to create custom boxes with profitable and eye-grabbing printing then you must consider the above factors before taking a forward step.

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